4 things to consider before hiring a social media manager

We ‘ve all been in the same boat when it comes to time.  “How can I possibly keep up with all this?” My Business, Social Media, Blogging, Inventory it’s a lot to juggle.   When you write down your system for the week it probably looks similar to mine. Meetings are first, then email, then business as usual. Our Business as usual consists of content.  Ever changing, like your business is  (hopefully) we schedule out when necessary but some things are happening in the now!  We have talked to other marketers and narrowed down the top 4 things you can consider doing before hiring a marketer or manager to do your social media.  I hope you enjoy our first Blog.

  1.  Time.  Our clients and partners are insanely busy people.  They have Thier systems down to the hour. When I say system it’s waking up at 4 am to make sure orders and transactions are running smooth. If you find yourself in this category, (Take a vacation first) then I would see where I could possibly find some time to dedicate to scheduling your posts. ANYONE can post on social media, but your business needs your touch and your culture built around your presence. There is an option on your Facebook Business page to schedule out your posts.  “What do I post!???”  You have a choice… You can use yours or others content.  When using others content be sure to sight our sources.  They want credit and it’s well deserved. Make sure your tagging properly and sharing content that is appropriate for your industry.   When you use your content get creative! Use quotes (everyone loves a good quote) and use a relative picture with almost every post. When it comes to writing copy be genuine, post with a purpose, start with a goal.
  2. Resources.  In this Business, we have heard of little sisters, sons, daughters and even moms handling the businesses social media.  Depending what type of business you have there is nothing wrong with that.  If they are aspiring to be in marketing or photography or in some relative field that has your business at the top of their priority.  There will be comments, and there will be responses that will be needed to keep in touch with your followers and customers.  When you have a customer asking what time you’re open, that matters in the grand scheme to keep in great standings with being available. You can use a Facebook one which is what I recommended to keep it simple or you can use a second party autoresponder if you want to get fancy.
  3. Consistency.  It should be the first thing on your checklist, to make sure there’s a set aside time to post.  There’s some controversy when it comes to perfect times to post.  Keep in mind the times that people will visit your page and when they’re looking for your service.  (You wouldn’t advertise a breakfast burrito at dinner) well, maybe for some people but you get what I mean. I find most of the customers are looking at their phones when they’re done with work, or if they need a little morning motivation!
  4. Hands-on We keep extremely close eyes on our content, but the true connection is made when you can build a kind of “story”  with the entire business.  You want to include your entire store, building, pit crew, handyman and of course, you.  Come up with your story, “Welcome to our social media page, this is who I am and this is my business.”  It’s a video biography of how you came to be. Be creative, be authentic, be you, after all, it’s your intro. This is honestly the most fun process.  We put together sort of scripts but 50% is improv.  Of course, grab as many pictures as you can of your entire crew.  This process should take a few hours out of the day at most. It Boosts moral and when you get someone talking about what they do there’s a sense of pride that they know this information that they’re teaching is valuable. You can do as many takes as you want (Don’t be afraid you won’t break it). Now all that’s left is the posting.
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